This is a great interview on my friend and co-writer Dan Frank, where he talks about The Green Fairy, Coachella Massacre, and he gives mention to our rock ‘n’ roll biopic that we wrote and how we are in the early stages of development for the film. I am very proud of you, Dan!


Dan Frank Each and every day I become more and more intrigued by the immense creativity and talent that exists, even in places I would never expect to find.  For example: I am searching the YouTube universe for instructions on how to make some cocktails, as I often do.  And what should I stumble upon but some promotional videos for something called Bikini Kitchen , which features adult film stars instructing the viewer on how to make delicious cocktails, smoothies, etc.  The first thing I could think of was simply, what the hell?  How did this become a thing?  And my inquisitive spirit took hold and I completely forgot about the cocktails I was looking to make.  Instead, I moved on over to IMDB and looked into the series.  What, or should say Who, I discovered was definitely not what I was expecting.

Bikini Kitchen was developed and directed by a man…

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